Average adult size: Very large, huge or giant (7-10ft)

Average body type/s: Medium-large, can be more muscular or fat

Limb length: Any

Tail: Long (60-100cm), very thick (12-15cm), very rounded. Hair is thicker on tip and thinner on tail. Quite slow-moving but very strong, can support the lop's full weight and hit with striking force.

Ears: Medium width and length, a little pointed, with little mobility. They can twitch, but cannot turn.

Eyesight: Mediocre to good, between 500m and 2km.

Smell: Good

Taste: Mediocre

Touch: Good

Skin type: Combination

Teeth: Very blunt, herbivorous

Respiratory system: Lungs

Body temp: Warm to the touch, consistently.

Body hair: Moderate to abundant, can be thick or thin.

Keratin: Fingernails/toenails

Agility: Some, a bit slow

Endurance: Outstanding; work to rest ratio is 4:1 (25min working, 5min rest).

Strength: Strong, can carry heavy objects with one arm

Constitution: Mediocre, occasionally get sick

Lifespan: Very long, 130-200 years

Diet: Exclusively herbivore

Sleep: Very low, no more than 6 hours a night and regularly below 3 hours. Bosklops metabolize slowly and their energy is kind of boundless, so they don't generally need a whole lot of sleep.

Reproductive system: Mammal.

Reproductive ability: Can't produce children with mirelops and sealops.

Additional features: Usually quite heavy-set.

Generally tend to have small, vestigial antlers. These are for show only and serve no real practical purpose.


Average parentage/upbringing: Dual parents.

Average child rate: 4-6 children.

Average familial bond: Mediocre, friendly but with boundaries

Average pathway of new adults:  Sometimes will travel alone but always tend to return to their family and original community. When they move away, it's generally within the community they grew up in.

Average generational tradition: Family remains partially together with some long-term absences, though generally once all the children have been raised to adulthood they move out.

Closeness of extended family: A little distant, only because immediate family is more important to all parties; there is still friendliness, however, and they'll usually be within the same community as one's immediate family.

Family power dynamic: Oldest child has the most power. The parents will typically raise the first child and educate them on how they believe they should help raise their other children, then generally they'll be fairly absent while the oldest child raises the rest of the children until that oldest child leaves, in which case the next eldest will hold the most power. Parents actually tend to entrust the eldest child with pretty much everything, and the eldest child (once sufficiently old enough) will have disciplinary power over the parents themselves when it comes to raising the other children.

Family values and traditions: Art and personality, social ability, performance and charisma; strict discipline and success, skill, practice, academia, knowledge

Community values and traditions: Strict discipline and success, skill, practice, academia, knowledge; art and personality, social ability, performance and charisma. Artistic prowess and knowledge about the world around them are deeply important to bosklops, and they're huge creators.

Average community population: Very large, 500-1000

Average community closeness: Somewhat close, people all know each other but not on a personal level

Family variation within community: More variation, a few different family structures within one overarching expected structure

Community response to travelers: Very welcoming, tourism is huge and people welcome strangers into their houses, trade is intense. The more visitors, the better; knowledge and art can be shared and gained far easier.

Home permanence: Semi-grounded with many families choosing to stay entirely grounded. Most everyone stays within their communities, but some will move houses every couple of decades.

Community relations: Moderately involved, community meetings are held regularly and some celebrations are had

World relations: Very involved, attends all meetings without fail, goes to every single celebration. It is essential to bosklop communities to have all knowledge available and to share their knowledge and art with everyone they possibly can; a missed opportunity for cultural sharing is reason to mourn. Bosklops actually tend to set most of the trends for art movements.

Naming conventions: Double names that can be vowel or consonant heavy, and are temporary given their stage of life. A bosklop's family name remains the same throughout their entire life, but their childhood, adult, and elder names are different. The childhood name is chosen by the other siblings if they have any, or by the parents if there are no siblings yet. The adult name is chosen by the lop. The elder name is chosen by the entire family but ultimately the lop themself gets the final decision.

Reproduction: All pleasure, no business; sex is a leisure activity and children are just a byproduct

Drugs/alcohol: Moderate usage, can be problematic. It's often used in excess by those who don't feel they have enough inspiration or who aren't in situations where they can properly share and understand the world around them.

Religious groups: One major religion with allowance for others. Bosklop religion is based around two messiahs of the one greater god, which is the universe in and of itself. The two messiahs represent the positive and negative forces of the world.

LUA: The great god, the world, the universe. Everything in and of existence.

LUZIEN (aka The Bright, Lua's Star, The Glow): Represents negative force - the pull, breathing in, what's INSIDE. Deals with subconscious, disaster, and everything that lops generally fear to touch. Luzien's tale was that on a night with no moon, she found that she'd learned everything there was to learn about the world. Insatiable, she turned skyward and challenged the godless sky to tell her something that was impossible to know. That moment, the moon tore open the sky and Lua stared down at her, instilling her with knowledge of the universe's existence. From that point onward, Luzien wandered the earth and bestowed knowledge upon everyone, learning from them and instilling the power of the universe in all lops without discrimination.

ILVE (aka The Gloom, Lua's Hand, The Veil): Represents positive force - the push, breathing out, what's EXTERNAL. Deals with simplicity and the observable conscious, luck, vices and everything that lops generally tend to find comfortable. Ilve's tale was that he understood nothing, and despairing in this, gazed up at the bright full moon and begged whatever gods were there to tell him something he could believe in and hope for. That moment, the moon dissipated into the night sky and bathed Ilve in darkness and calm and quiet, instilling him with the knowledge of the present and the joy in perceiving without knowing something. From that point onward, Ilve wandered the earth and bestowed innocence and presence upon everyone, teaching and gaining an understanding of people and spirit that is unknowable in academic pursuit.

Generally, an individual bosklop will choose one of the two Messiahs to primarily worship and assign as their chosen deity, but in group religious practice they pay equal respect to both Messiahs and Lua itself.

Religious importance in culture: Immense importance, on the same level as world relations.

Religious practice in community: Ranges from fully individual to extremely collective.


Main habitat: Tundra; coniferous forest

Secondary habitats: Mountainous, high altitude; deciduous forest

General: Prefer to live in thickly wooded areas that are more cold and temperate; you won't find them in warm climates.

Flora: Fir, poplar, spruce, cedar and pine trees, sphagnum (peat) moss, berries and shrubbery

Fauna: Bears, long-eared owls, red foxes, river otters, snowshoe rabbits, wolverines, gray wolves, bald eagles, lynxes

Daily Life

Favourite food styles: Sweet, bitter, umami

Favourite meal types: Carbs, rice, and vegetables; they like to bake and fry their food.

Food sensitivity: Middling, no specific allergies or food preferences

Housing materials: Medium and moderately spaced brick and mortar buildings with an art deco influence. Beautiful and intricate designs, tessellating patterns that alternate straight and curved thin lines, voluptuous shapes, neutral tones with gold and silver accents,  symmetrical geomatric patterns.

Agriculture: Some trade, significantly agriculture reliant. Trade's good, but farming's pretty fantastic.

Main trades: Herbs and medicines plants and roots, fruit and honey, flowers and seeds, plant and grain-based food items, paper and stationery, carved wood and rock items, animals and pet items, musical instruments and manuscripts, art and pictures, toys and childrens' items, crafting tools and materials, vehicles and boats.

Art, paintings, and anything within the realm of design is incredibly popular both within and outside of bosklop communities.

Clothing tendency: Strict rules, most of body must be covered

Clothing styles: Moderate, a mixture of practical, religious and environmental. They wear a lot of woven clothing made from animal wool and fur, but generally don't like to layer or wear anything very loose as it hinders them and isn't super practical.

Accessories: Common and religious; they'll wear bracelets, necklaces, tail bands, anklets, piercing jewelry and charms that show their allegiance to one or both of the Messiahs and to Lua.

Popular arts: Visual and instrumental arts.

Favoured leisure activities: Match based land sports; crafting pots and ornaments; carpentry and wood carving; horticulture and plant raising; history and art and museums; knowledge and academia; home decoration; baking, cooking; gadgets, toys and games

Curation: Art and design.