Welcome to the Crest

A dual continent in the middle of vast oceans, teeming with all kinds of ever-changing life, the Crest is a constantly evolving land formed by its immense and unknowable magical energy. Its primary inhabitants are humanoids that refer to themselves as lops, adventurous creatures whose bodies evolve extremely rapidly to adapt to their environments. Salt marsh mages with long tufted tails place craft magical items for travellers from inland mountain ranges with rough horns. Lops the size of sharks hold galas in the deep ocean and decorate their fins with flowing chains of jewels, procured by translucent-skinned lops living deep under the earth who navigate with their ears and claws. Strange events abound in the vastness of the Crest, and without a doubt, every lop has a story to tell!

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drawing of a dark-skinned black woman with dreads smiling, they have antlers and are wearing a sweater tucked into a long skirt and boots drawing of a brown-skinned person with a long finned tail and fins for ears, swimming in the ocean, wearing a purple swimsuit several small drawings of a short pale green skinned person with long, horizontal pointy ears and a very long narrow tail
Bosklops Sealops Mirelops