SITE PLAYLIST: August 2022

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alright... alright. you guys better appreciate how hard i worked to not make this playlist ENTIRELY metal. i'm crazy into it lately, it's kind of rare that i listen to anything else. BUT!!! i made sure to bring some variety into it.
i've been getting more into browsing bandcamp for music lately - one of my favourite finds of this past month is my type of girl by golden boy! it's just got such a good sound to it. another one i'm really enjoying is spare me from the mold. isn't there something so good about when vocalists make weird noises? i'm so into it.
a lot of these have been on my work playlist. i carry a little speaker around with me, clipped to my pants with a carabiner, and i've been loving it! my supervisor has dubbed me "doctor metal." i think that's pretty appropriate right now.

Full Tracklist
  1. After | Atomic Guava
  2. Cotton Tongue | Looming
  3. Die My Darling | Kittie
  4. Fences | Paramore
  5. Fire & Ice | Nova Twins
  6. I've Failed You | Kittie
  7. Jump The Fence | Mother Mother
  8. Leave Me Alone | FIDLAR
  9. My Type of Girl | Golden Boy
  10. Parting of the Sensory | Modest Mouse
  11. Spare Me From The Mold | Gossip
  12. Stealing Society | System of a Down
  13. Surface Tension | The Nychillharmonic
  14. The Sackcloth Saint of the Cornfield | Gay Paris
  15. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots | The Flaming Lips