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Reflections IV

wow, it's been a while since i updated the site or posted any blogs, huh? it's just been lops and work all the way down over here. well, that and the upcoming site overhaul that i've been working away at! here's a WIP... [read more]

Forecast II

hi!! so this is gonna be a relatively short blog post. i have a rent inspection that i have to clean for. but it's been a while since i updated the site AND my blog and i wanted to share what i've been up to and what my plans are at the moment... [read more]


a purely for-fun music blog where i talk about albums, acts, music history, local events, and general media stuff!

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[Album Review] Kittie - Spit

spit is an album by the canadian heavy metal band kittie, released in 2000 as their debut. as a whole, it's an incredible experience, raw and unique in a way that's hard to find... [read more]