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in june i decided i'd keep my playlists for the site limited to 15 songs! i think that it keeps things a little neater and requires more thought and care put into which tracks i'm choosing, which is the issue i had with may's playlist.
to be quite honest, a lot of these choices were just desperately grabbing at songs i've liked for years now. i went through my spotify, threw some stuff in and called it a day. so not much thought, really... i did put in like real people do by hozier because it was my three-year anniversary with my beautiful husband that month, and that song is special to us!
but yeah, i was in a little bit of a musical rut for june. so i'm not as proud of this playlist as i'd like to be. but it's still a good listen, i think!

Full Tracklist
  1. Mean | The Nychillharmonic
  2. Acquired Taste | Leprous
  3. Bone Rage | Bent Knee
  4. Brutus | Buttress
  5. Debaser | Pixies
  6. Drunk Walk Home | Mitski
  7. I Trusted U | Balkan Beat Box
  8. I Wanna Dance With Somebody | Whitney Houston
  9. Like Real People Do | Hozier
  10. Make It Good | Poetically & Vita Schmidt
  11. Man on the Moon | Zella Day
  12. Talk About It | Jungle
  13. Talk About | Dear and the Headlights
  14. Waltz in E=Major, Op. 15 "Moon Waltz" | Cojum Dip
  15. Whatever | The Beths