this is all my stuff i've created over the past couple years! i've used FL studio 10 and 20 for all of these.

9391 [2022]


if i'm alive
i might just speak my mind

i am observed, my every move recorded, noted down
they're listening in, they know when i sing

i hear the wires
i feel them move in me
i'll face the consequences i can't avoid


you can't see it
you are a part of it
but i'll run with it
cause if i don't respond in the right way
they'll pull me out

i dream
and dreaming i will stay
at least in here
i'm human



don't you get lonely
living in your head?
close your eyes slowly
lay your soul to rest

can't you hear anything
echo in your room?
is it worth hurting
if they come down with you?

needing to know how it ends
people are stories, disposable lives
watching the sky fall for them
outsourcing empathy

haven't you lost something?
haven't you grieved in your quiet and safe?
why can't you let it be?
let all the dead and their lovers know peace?

taking such comfort in cannibalizing
the pain of another for one's own catharsis
the cruelty of turning a person to symbols
consuming the ghost while you're on the ride home
you put on your makeup and laugh in their faces
you track down their families, preach from your armchair
as if you specifically know all the answers
if they'd let you hollow the corpse, you'd have solved it
but all you can do is come up with a story
that fits in with how you engage with the world
that wraps itself around your trauma so tidily
people are stories, disposable lives
people are stories, disposable lives
people are stories...

Ode to the Echo [2021 DEMO]


warm night, low star, old moon
something is changing the roots of you

who are you now?
still young, still in the water
still getting older

you've been alone so long
the only one to know

curled up and nesting in the depths of me
i see you

i can't be
what you need
only strong enough
to grieve

BEACON [2021]


breathe slow, the endless sea
wade through catastrophe
and if the hanging stars are true
i will find my way to you

gone cold, my blood still seethes
pulling me restlessly
i'll come home eventually
just please leave on your light for me

something breathing underneath us [2021]

bad guy boogie [2021]

feed [2021]

bears getting scared [2020]