9/08/2022 - AUGUST PLAYLIST IS UP!!!!!!!!!

3/08/2022 - new personal blog update!

11/07/2022 - filled out all lop pages in library, added july playlist to site and added pages in the record store for both the june and july playlists :)

25/06/2022 - more LOP STUFF!!!

25/06/2022 - new article in the library!

23/06/2022 - album review and a little blog :)

12/06/2022 - blog post about gender stuff!

9/06/2022 - updated blog :)

5/06/2022 - put may's site playlist in the record store, updated the record store's front page a little, new blog post.

2/06/2022 - updated blog and added a blog home button to all the posts and directories there (whoops!). added a new section in the library about lops.

30/05/2022 - another blog update!

29/05/2022 - updated my blog.

25/05/2022 - added scrollboxes for recent updates and changelog, added zine layout to be filled in later.

24/05/2022 - added new blog layout, updated fonts sitewide.

23/05/2022 - added blog post!

22/05/2022 - filled in about page, added buttons to friends' pages in bus station, stocked general store.

20/05/2022 - added content to the library!

19/05/2022 - made website ACTUALLY mobile-friendly, added blog.

18/05/2022 - CHANGED DOMAIN NAME from slugger to WEBHOLE!!! big layout and coding update to make the site mobile-friendly (and the coding more lembrain-friendly)! also added header graphic, edited home and about page, and added a yummydish review. fed mystery hole. added guestbook link to homepage.

4/05/2022 - added two museum exhibits, fixed linking errors at bus stop, added exhibit links to homepage, added guestbook.

3/05/2022 - updated site theme; added new icons for all pages; updated homepage; fixed formatting errors on pasta recipe, added bus stops, fed mystery hole. will be working on more site content next!

25/05/2022 - added recipe and two food reviews! started working on blog.

22/04/2022 - accidentally deleted my entire changelog from before this point, did a MAJOR directory overhaul, and updated my current music page in the record store.