about me

i'm lem! short for salem. i'm a 26-year-old guy on the internet and also a leo sun, virgo moon, scorpio ascendant. (astrology is bullshit but i believe it.)

- i collect tiger plushies and any tiger themed things
- i've played piano since i was eight and am teaching myself guitar
- i LOVE concept albums
- i talk extremely loudly and swear like a sailor around friends and family
- i love being up early and doing cardio, which is apparently weird but i think i'm right and correct
- i have the gene that makes cilantro taste like soap to me :(
- my favourite colour schemes are purple/yellow, blue/yellow, green/black, red/white/black, and orange/blue!

the web hole is my little zone of the internet where i can display all the stuff i wanna show off, whether it's my own work or others'! i primarily use it to post blogs, art, writing, and music. there's also a lot of stuff relevant to my interests!

"why is it called webhole? why is your site hole themed?" i like the way the word hole sounds it's cool and fun and also nobody else is gonna call their website a hole. so that makes this site special. thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!